Tonii Orca
Tonii Orca 13 timer siden
17:51 on last episode. Philip de Franco confirmed.
Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D 13 timer siden
*And for 10k you get Jared's Package*
E D 13 timer siden
Pls keep doing your Godfather impressions every episode lol
Rink 13 timer siden
can’t Dan and Ethan host together on wednesdays?
Abbi Burgess
Abbi Burgess 13 timer siden
I feel like ppl are just gonna get them selves in trouble with David’s app. Especially for like young people I remember in high school our student resource officer literally had fake Instagram accounts where he would spy on students and catch them for anything that might be in their posts that their not supposed to be doing. I can’t imagine how bad that would’ve been if a public app where u can’t check the pictures you’re posting existed when I was in high school.
JR SMACKS 13 timer siden
Can anyone say who was the person who dm'd them
T Ramdien
T Ramdien 13 timer siden
I'm sorry but the arguments about her being trans are such bullshit. She 's all about.. I feel this way.. Therefor it's the truth. Also videos you made to troll are not evidence you are trans.
BSA DK 13 timer siden
You want to report some news of people not taking responsibility for their actions, do a video on ProSyndicate, he literally Scammed 1000s of children and never even addressed it! and he's completely got away with it.
artillery 13 timer siden
listen to 2 white guys "properly" be racist and prejudice lol ... RIIGHT idk
karen holland
karen holland 13 timer siden
Electric shock therapy is now known as electric convulsive therapy so it’s not what you think anymore just FYI 😊
S 13 timer siden
the fact that james openly admits that he sought the guy out himself like it's supposed to be an explanation shows just how much self awareness he lacks. he really doesn't see enything wrong with that. it's like ethan said - just because someone follows you doesn't mean they're just waiting for you to slide in their dms so they can "expose" you or whatever. they couldn't have possibly known that you would message *them* among thousands of other fans. grow the fuck up.
Bahia Fakhri
Bahia Fakhri 13 timer siden
He should be held accountable, just as much as Tony Lopez and Ondreaz Lopez were held accountable!
anna julia
anna julia 13 timer siden
The person is Jason nash lmaooo
vecter12 13 timer siden
A private company valued at something is just due to fund raising. They get x amount of money for y amount of the company. So let’s say they get 20 million for 10% that’s a company valued at 200 million dollars
Krissy Diggs
Krissy Diggs 13 timer siden
I like golden Zach.
Chicken dog
Chicken dog 13 timer siden
if you try to melt snow with something as hot as a flame it sublimates a bit of high school physics recap. Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas state, without passing through the liquid state
Becca 13 timer siden
sia did not groom maddie omg😭😭😭😭
Princess 13 timer siden
All Things Houseplants
All Things Houseplants 13 timer siden
I have MS, will scorpions heal me!? I NEED TO KNOW🧐🧐🧐
Ted Flob II
Ted Flob II 13 timer siden
1:19:31 It's just a prank, bro, it's just a prank The camera is right there bro, the camera is right there It's just a prank, bro, it's just a prank Don't you like pranks, bro? I guess you don't like pranks
All Things Houseplants
All Things Houseplants 13 timer siden
Whale vomit is expensive
Pen Ken
Pen Ken 13 timer siden
The boom is my favourite character
Simple Bb
Simple Bb 13 timer siden
Thrush looks so pretty in this omg she’s gorgeous Hdjshdjsbdjz
Ilja xox
Ilja xox 13 timer siden
You guys have so much money, hire a nutritionist, a coach to teach you how to eat what you want to eat without gaining weight, even losing some!
Agita 13 timer siden
Wow he loves BILL GATES AS GOD unsubscribe
Jack pot
Jack pot 13 timer siden
2 girls one cup is not real. It’s ice cream.
Agita 13 timer siden
jeffrey riesterer
jeffrey riesterer 13 timer siden
This shit is so fake
Lyann LovesAdventure
Lyann LovesAdventure 13 timer siden
Shrim! 🧐🤩
N 13 timer siden
Ethan must've said 'samoans' at least fifteen times
toast 13 timer siden
You guys looking for brand reps! My instagram is peachyjulss. Send me a pm if interested
Neige Elisabeth
Neige Elisabeth 13 timer siden
I love... looooove H3H3 and all their podcasts. Seriously. Very much. But i gotta say with PEACE and LOVE, peace and love... I'm getting a little tired of hearing all the time "covid covid covid" or "vaccine vaccine vaccine". Nothing personal. Just, it isn't that much "news" of a subject. (excuse my english I'm French). Love you guys.
Genuine Buggery
Genuine Buggery 13 timer siden
Got someone on who knows nothing about Islam!
Becca 13 timer siden
someone tell trisha you can have psychosis without schizophrenia
SilentHill 13 timer siden
Who is AB?
lizzy izzy
lizzy izzy 13 timer siden
How about we re make the commercial with every photo embarrassing David!
lizzy izzy
lizzy izzy 13 timer siden
Wow can’t believe that commercial. That’s not even funny
gray fortress
gray fortress 13 timer siden
woke up at 3am to watch
9PM Gaming
9PM Gaming 13 timer siden
I miss content court. 😩
Why Not
Why Not 13 timer siden
Botulinum toxin is a powerful neurotoxin meaning it paralyses nerves and can lead to muscle atrophy
Anjalyna Fitzgerald
Anjalyna Fitzgerald 13 timer siden
I love how much this actually let them grow on a friendship
Top3Entertainment 13 timer siden
Ethan has obviously never played Madden
llednerdyob 13 timer siden
Dan don't know shit about weed, definitely a difference between indica and sativa
Edellea 13 timer siden
im not a super huge weed person, i don't know names and shit but from experience... with peace and love, different weed sorts do have different effects and with some it can be pretty drastic. i've experienced such a difference that i felt like i had to defend it ahaha
Chicken dog
Chicken dog 13 timer siden
I have always found it hilarious that the people pushing "detox" crap are often the ones who get copious amounts of botox and plastic surgery. It seems kinda oxymoronic to me.
Blacksmoke1033 13 timer siden
I don’t remember what it was called but when I was studying genetics, there was a bottle on the shelf next to the stuff we used and it was worth considerably more than gold per gram. And a student fuckin dropped it.
Feared Beard77
Feared Beard77 13 timer siden
Ethan... actually care about the people Derpy Doprick has harmed < stirring drama for profit.
Sonkev Nauss
Sonkev Nauss 13 timer siden
TIL: Californian's have no idea what a Yankee is...lol. I think that was more of a Connecticut East Coast Elite.
GAGE 13 timer siden
Sorry DAN but the strain DEFINITELY determines the effects you endure after smoking
Nathan R
Nathan R 13 timer siden
I’m actually so happy that Trisha has Moses, I really hope there relationship lasts
Jazmine S
Jazmine S 13 timer siden
Ethan I am 5'4 324lbs I go on 7 mile hikes and practice intuitive eating.. I guarantee if you did blood test and compared them to tess holidays blood tests you would be un healthier.. Just because someone visually looks big means nothing...
jessiecat meow
jessiecat meow 13 timer siden
Realizing how much we need hila.. she makes it funny lol
Sarah Otis
Sarah Otis 13 timer siden
Trisha should do a 23&Me and see if she has any Jewish heritage.
Sumaiya Al Lawati
Sumaiya Al Lawati 13 timer siden
You can’t use the fact that a women is old as an insult. You did it to Tati and you’re doing it with her. Ageing is NORMAL. You’re considered old to some people. You spend your time critiquing the wrong doings of people but you don’t check yourself. I don’t like Wendy either but you need to stop using “old” as an insult. ITS NOT.
Marissa Draskovic
Marissa Draskovic 13 timer siden
Trish you look really cool with short hair like the chick from the resident evil movies
Melissa Mcwilliams
Melissa Mcwilliams 13 timer siden
But why does Ethans hair actually look really good on him
Gio Please
Gio Please 13 timer siden
If another person doesn’t trust getting vaccinated but you get vaccinated why would you care if they don’t get it? If you get vaccinated you’re protected from the virus so why do you feel the need to force others to get it too?
Ken Steel
Ken Steel 13 timer siden
I read two girls one cup was filmed with ice cream and I choose to believe that.
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 13 timer siden
Trish..we are talking about when you stripped down for the camera to get clout on David's vlog...you HAVE done that before!!!!
Isobel Ride
Isobel Ride 13 timer siden
It might be different in America but most cashiers here in England are missurable and will do anything not to talk to the customer. The only reason we would say anything is because we have been told to by our managers.
Nathan R
Nathan R 13 timer siden
Why does Dan hate us 🇬🇧
Kittylicious 13 timer siden
I guess you guys forgot about 4chan??
Static 13 timer siden
Ethan and Dan got covid. Ethan caughing, sniffling and Dan sneezing in the background and Hila not there...
Harry Coney
Harry Coney 13 timer siden
@Static 🤣🤣
Static 13 timer siden
@Harry Coney yeah sure.. it's a cold.
Harry Coney
Harry Coney 13 timer siden
You know colds exist? Or did you forget about those
Julia West
Julia West 13 timer siden
Trish. What. Oh my god- those two experiences are absolutely horrible. What the hell.
Cc78 13 timer siden
Please don't have all the same convos with Trish ❤
Jesse L
Jesse L 13 timer siden
Realistically Putting myself in seths situation as a man I would be pissed and probably punch Jason. But then I would be able to get over it and joke about it. But never would I act like a victim and cry about it online. The argument of “reverse the gender” or “what if it was a woman” is invalid as men and women are so different that it doesn’t correlate. Example: Cardi B would drug men on a date and rob them. Reverse the gender and she’s basically Bill Cosby. But since she is a woman it is not viewed as a sinister thing to do. Because men and women are different
Lotti Rosalie
Lotti Rosalie 13 timer siden
I love this podcast so much 👌🏻
Aubrey Bowman
Aubrey Bowman 13 timer siden
this outfit hits different on ethan.
malina 13 timer siden
i’ve been watching trisha since 2012. you guys don’t know her AT ALL. she’s genuinely a good person and doesn’t mean harm. you guys just take everything the wrong way and you’re way too sensitive like grow up
Kathryn Whitbeck
Kathryn Whitbeck 13 timer siden
#23 wtf
Forc3_Sim Gaming
Forc3_Sim Gaming 13 timer siden
Man i love this duo
lolprinses 14 timer siden
I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen Dan 😂
chanheenator98 14 timer siden
1:47 exactly, i’m from houston and when we were flooding back in 2017 he wouldn’t let people stay in his church. i’ve been there before that place is HUGE. so much wasted space and people needlessly suffering 🤪🥰 with peace and love, fuck joel osteen ❤️
erin corinne
erin corinne 14 timer siden
Omg they way they edited David’s Polaroids has me💀💀
Kelly Mae Wilkinson
Kelly Mae Wilkinson 14 timer siden
Ethan: Phillip DeFranco covered it Trisha: MMMMHmmmHhh 👁👄👁👁👄👁
tina bad
tina bad 14 timer siden
Am I the only european/southern europan human who actually watches this as the only excitement on Tuesdays? I'm actually more invested in whats going on over the seas than here.
tina bad
tina bad 14 timer siden
Trisha has been my fav youtuber since 2017 and Ethan since 2015/16 idk anymore but yea
Allison Beaulieu
Allison Beaulieu 14 timer siden
I hate Windy too.....nothing better to do but harrass other people.
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien 14 timer siden
The fact people legitimately think snow is fake makes me officially done with humans 🤣 yall reach so hard
Highlander746 14 timer siden
Please look up terpenes
MamaNee XoX
MamaNee XoX 14 timer siden
When people who don’t do any real research get together and make a podcast
Harry Coney
Harry Coney 13 timer siden
It’s getting so annoying, especially with the covid shit
Bobby Wagner
Bobby Wagner 14 timer siden
I don't understand this relentlessly obsessive crusade you're going on against David. You've done bad things in the past too, wouldn't you want to be forgiven? I imagine Trisha is constantly in your ear about how terrible David is, and she hasn't always been perfect either. Time to hang up your moral superiority complex
Bobby Wagner
Bobby Wagner 13 timer siden
@Sherlock’sMagnifyingGlass I'm not trying to start a pissing match, just point out Ethan's recent obsession. It's definitely influenced by money too, considering it's easy content for him and he gets to throw David's name into every video's title. Maybe you need some perspective and common sense because it doesn't seem like you're being very reasonable or objective here. I'm not defending what happened to Seth because that was disgusting but I think Ethan giving this story more attention has only made the situation worse.
Sherlock’sMagnifyingGlass 14 timer siden
Maybe it’s time for you to gain a little common sense and differentiate between mistakes and shit that David fucking Dobrik has done; which he clearly isn’t remorseful for otherwise he would be constantly apologising and addressing it. Stop trying to invalidate people who have been traumatised by him.
Sherlock’sMagnifyingGlass 14 timer siden
Because Ethan didn’t racially target a man and try to ruin his life by getting a friend to sexually assault him twice. Nor did he use people as the butt of a joke and tell them to piss of as soon as they said they were uncomfortable with it. Anything Ethan has done he has addressed it, David is a fucking coward and keeps sweeping it under the rug and getting Scotty to speak on behalf for him even though Scotty wasn’t present for anything he’s being accused of.